I'm sitting here sifting through my mind,
And its so hard to get over you sometimes.
You know, you were absolutely wonderful.
You know, you were always so beautiful.
Surely an angel you were.
Surely an angel you still are.
And its so hard to get over you sometimes.
I'm missing the early days, the late nights ...
How you helped me see through the most devastating point in my life.
Lift me up to the sky.
I've always been afraid of heights.
Its just all the fears that I've got ...
And I'm wanting to let go,
So why not?
The earth below will become fuzzy ...
The clouds will not allow me to see clear ...
And I'll begin to question the very idea that got me in this seat here.
Trying my hardest to concentrate,
but it'll already be too late.
Jumping off of the jet plane,
They'll say I was insane.
But I'm already crazy,
so take me to the ground bravely.
Show me how it feels to me mesmerized,
Lost within the gravity and it's wondrous sights.
Show me how it feels to be alive,
As this life I kiss and leave behind.
Break me through every fucking wall,
As through the sky I will free-fall.

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