Aishe and Her Sight

You cried like we had time
To whisper of injustices and lies.
You thought you were a gypsy
But your crystal ball was nothing but an empty glass for your heart.
So you moaned and groaned and you whined
You thought that being free could give you peace of mind.
You swept the pieces up when your crystal ball shattered.
Now you only have your tarot cards
But you're missing The Empress so you have no love.
You read your own cards and got The Hanged-Man
So it's best that you just let your troubles go.
The Fool is here to grace you with potential
Let him take you wherever the winds may blow.
You met a man who made you feel electric.
You tried to read his palm and make him yours
But his hand was pale and all his lines were broken
And you wanted someone with a thick heart line.
So you picked his pocket and ran into the night
And you said that his fortune line showed he'd be fine.
So little gypsy swaying in the moonlight,
Aishe, with your robes and trinkets galore,
Climb up in your wagon and ride on further.
Run fast and dance with grace; look to the future,
Tie scarves around your head and never apologize.
Go on and walk this country, greet its people with your smile.
Small but fearless Romani Goddess, there's heaven in your eyes.

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