cunning,baffling,powerful,deceiving everyone,
Aimed with volts of same results leaving all the fun,
Lames and dolts, shamed adults,grieving hungover ones,
Depressing,unhealthy,expensive,(paying for more strife),
Some people lying,cheating,stealing,
Some people beating on their wife,
What is with some people,
And when they stop to think......
They see the problem as the solution, (and take another drink!),
Very dangerous to the mind,
Hard to quit,(but not to find),
Extremely addictive and easy to do,
Yet it corrupts when we drink too much brews,
Moneyless,powerless,all loss (not much gain),
Wake up aching,quaking,hurt,pain,
When will this repetive cycle ever end?
It depends on how much you want to mend,
It's never hopeless!focus please,
Not sure if I'd call alcoholism a disease,
I believe you can regain sobriety,
And that's achieving mighty!
Now believe in yourself allrighty?

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