Air heavy in winter thickly coats my throat.
Trying to replace the heat that just sputtered out of my lungs
The gasp of frozen life coaxes me to come back to the world.
The fire I was so carelessly laid by burns
Into my clothes. Scenting me with the death of woods and smoke.
Clouding my mind
Telling me the intoxicated spell within my head is still there.
No one sees me. As I climb back to my feet.
Searching for another toxic lullaby to kiss me.
From lips to stomach
Pouring into me. Making me forget that I was here.
That I wanted life.
When I find the tingling kiss of consumption
I am spinning with new complexity.
My eyes affixed to the darkness have shown me
That the cruel people I once looked up to
Are just as lost in this thought, time and space as I am.
Trying to find something to lift the bottle away from their lips.

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