Alcohol Was Her Name

You promised you'd never cheat on me,but you did since first we met.
I guess because I knew her,I never thought of her as a threat.
I thought our love was strong enough we'd always get through.
But she had a stronger hold on you than any I ever knew.
She would come in plastic,glass or aluminum,it was all the same.
No matter what she was dressed in,Alcohol was still her name.
I tried so many times to fight her and I told you she was no good.
I know you love your family,but in between us is where she stood.
I thought I was strong enough to love you in spite of her to the end,
Everytime I convinced myself,she added to things we needed to mend.
She would get to you,laugh in my face,broke my heart to feel defeat.
I realized I couldn't get rid of her,she was your demon to beat.
In the end it was only the two of you when it was over.
You know she'll never love you,never comfort you or be your lover.
You promised you'd never cheat on me,
maybe you don't see things the same.
My husband had a mistress. Alcohol was her name.

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