Alcoholics Anonymous

Put a padlock on the backstock.
I gave a sweet goodbye wave.
People make fun of how I behave.
Alcohol drains common sense from your brain.
Pukes out the poison down the drain.
Can make your boyfriend homicidal & insane.
It is lame. They have only themselves to blame.
A hangover migrane all the same.
On your heart & liver puts strain.
With him his whisky shots are to the rim.
Drinking from morning, to noon,
til the next moon.
Stumbling around the room.
Be kind & brave.
Free yourself of a drunken slave.
Salvage what is left of your mind.
Don't be the guy who trys to lie.
Sobriety you never gave a try.
Pave the way I gave.
Yourself you must save.
It gets loud under a thunder cloud.
Do you ever wonder....
Why zero is the number,
To which you plunder?
Lazy & slumber....
Do you need a glass of water.
Why do I even bother?
I actually love my daughter.
Better without a drunken dumped father.
I met someone so much hotter.

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