I am Alex. Those four letters have so much meaning to me. I hold those card so close to my heart so please don’t peak. Over-analyzing  why you couldn’t just say my name its replaying over…over in my head. Why does it matter to you that I want to be called alex. No I didn’t want to called lucas or skylar so please stop suggesting it. My crippling depression is as scattered as a unsolved puzzle that I can't find the pieces too and making me not care. My anxiety is a shadow bearing over me that over-analyzing everything. When you called me the wrong name it a dagger into my heart and into my mind saying their is something is wrong with me. You say I shouldn’t care what you think but I can't help it I don’t want to care! My depression and anxiety are fighting for who should win the war, and i sit in the corner just swallowing away my pain while i pretend i am okay. I am Alex. My wrist are bleeding from all the words you spoke. I have no meaning. Please stop calling me the wrong name! Four letters pin to my heart and you try to take it away. The ironic thing is i am scared to die so I cant turn the other way. So leave me alone. You think you are being funny but I am not laughing. I am Alex. I do not care if I don’t look gay. I am just Alex. The alex that has crippling depression as slippery as the icy roads and anxiety that is cold as winter. The girl that you use to know is long gone

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