Alexandria to Avalon

The road I peg
To Atlantis' stoop
In landlocked dregs
Of Pleiades' group
I face in a blindfold
To relish in experience
Of the rash and the bold
But on the tongue of eloquence
That draws me as Orpheus
Through the Labyrinth of myth
To recognize the serious
In Western drama's monolith
When I grasp the Trident
I grab the bounty
That eluded the strident
Of the HMS Monkey
Woven in rumours
And marinated in scandals
Supported by groomers
My Sir Mount handles
And swims through a viaduct
That gleams for the chosen eye
And turns out the product
That the Fountain shoots to score the race that will not die
The little road divides both ways
When you proceed you reach the dome
And if retreat you send your days
To the Island of basks guarded by the tribe of the Gnome.

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