Alfa is alfa so pie is pie.

Why does come Monday first always in Week?
and Looking in East why, West cannot I seek?
Why from month January , year to begin?
Is January so great and December mean?

Why yellow looks so yellow and red is red?
Why chair is called a chair and bed is bed?
Why day is destined to never meet a night?
And there no darkness, where ever is light?

How cement keep together one brick to brick?
When Frozen, turn water ice, what is the trick?
Why the cow choice eating grass, leaf & fruit?
and juice for feral panther never substitute?

Why chilly taste hot so and apple taste sweet?
Why river's bank parallel & never they meet?
Why always two has to come after one?
No body to answer, no reason yet come.

Why eye for watching and mouth to speak?
And Mountain so high and valley so deep?
Why fire for burning and water to wet?
Why language ever need many alphabet?

Only thirty days in a month, when, why & how?
No answers to these questions, leave them you now.
And why the God created this multiple world,
Can not be explained ever, can not be solved.

God is the originator and this is the fact.
This world is how it is, you have to accept.
This is the Nature and this is reply.
Alfa is alfa , so pie is pie.

Ajay Amitabh Suman

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