By Neelu   

Sea daughter algae ,
you are predominantly aquatic plant .
Physiologically photosynthetic,you just float in the ocean water, submerged.
You are unique, uncomparable .

Dear sea daughter,
you are a fish in religion and an algae in race.

You belong to coral reef, neighbour of warm current.
How do you have a dual life?
You know how to float with latent current,won't you?
Is there any other phytoplankton or habitat what lives a symbiotic life like you?
Dear sea daughter;
after so long ,
this dilemma is awakening in you today, lovely sea daughter!
Ocean current is your strength, your luxury and ego.

O blooming flower, slowly but silently
blossoming its various connotations!

That flower, that aquatic composition is lost in the blue water again.

With a single incarnation, only you have a number of names.
You can float everywhere, there's no line of control for you.
You roam at your will without visa and passport.
You're ultimate goal of aquatic Kingdom.

Hey,you the ornament of.ocean, you are the rare creature of the creator!
You are a fish in religion but an algae in race.
You are the powerhouse of aquatic life.

You are a native of wave family, you have to float with waves, then you can think of you religion and dedication.

The instinct of the fish genre awakens in you instantly, the instinct of rooting again!

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