Algorithm Rebelaisain Speech Seven

I'm in a grey cloud for this I do not for acceptance of peers. It's not for you black people nor
for you white people. I'm not alike you, It's for the Satanist and the Goths.
Just know your opinions don't matter to me because my belief much give such inspiration to
others at least at least Satanist.

That has not courage to speak up about disrespect. I am plucky in any shape or form.
On either side not really the "norm" picking. We are terrible in all phases still shade throwing
on fat women amazing. The subculture Goth is the best to make a mess in destined
when first discovered.
There were lessons wasn't anything other than arresting these idiots a rogue vigilant militant cop
scoping about out targeted imbecile. Those thoughts are been putting to an end.
This massacre party where as turds mingle got them handcuffed about in silence torcher.

Everyone stand down before me bow at once before your king. I sir never giving up my
standards high placed upon my value myself. This while existing on
this earth more worth than these little loser punks will abide by my rules or get the whip don't trip;
by overstepping my boundaries are concrete!

That exactly point made now go away face the pavement because I'm here to stay
temporarily anyway asphalted. Then the forgotten in the end raised from the dead sent granted a
portion of life by said Leviathan. It's to be at work visiting many bodies by their graves.
These places were berserk startling birth of ideas created by my will to serve the dead moments.

The misery bodied walking alone head strong advantage own over manic spirits
seeking a body transit station now.

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In words formatted for only reason being the laugh of the statement.