Algorithm Rebelaisian Speech Eight

Oh you're so funny Silly Crow Raven incredible in several wrote.
A snake coat often red shed some skin back again. The serpent had friends they are demons
intrinsic let it go. The meant it was to be England okay?
I have to stop now though I won't.

I have to keep going in a circle damned in this carousel of failed poet was born from hell
to dwell time eternal rest on a scale below.
My belt over nails embedded into my skin ran again from my problems to solve them.
I couldn't without options to stall them you welcome
not my now my domain.

The bats they know my pain where is the fire?
The rain its east straight up the road, take a left voices scream Jane. In my brain cut your neck
Reginald worthless undeserving person stop reaching for a purpose.
Is this because you don't have one? That's beyond this admitting to myself will did.
I spit on many girls dis well they are no self-help with money to fund me.

The Murbid Dark House LLC, the walking dead the only franchise I exercise.
The thoughts applaud many that become dark with each day that passes by far. The hopeless this
far no regrets rest him within his grave casket. That I dug up to bury a girl that
lives a mile away from this street. She was assaulted enough to hold in the back of a truck
stuffed in a bag.

I am huh? That's much of the insanity lyrically declined by the "normal" people not liking a psychopath.
I'm still at home but not less many wrong not home.
It won't be for long informal poem risk the moment.

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In words formatted for only reason being the laugh of the statement.