Algorithm Rebelaisian Speech Four

The audience self-starving recall eat all poets fall then darling.
The prey it's to my jaws its requisite to the best of them all.
This exit him comparison to no one for a film on in probable play
house full of dolls.
Yay now awake lay down hog tied bound women stay down
to get me up aroused enough.

Wow PayPal for the product of this page draft wizard hey now to
excellent with his craft. Then behold dragged bodies
back silly crow into oil sensible choke by the contours of a note.
The hook pencil left behind broken wallet a style
it's without hope.

Its money a reason for not having a job could be it?
A possibility mental understand no one could rant like this a float
affects enjoin my syntax. That attracts a sack of them
brunette blond beyond the pond of dumb since. I can hear them
clapping for me sarcastically laughing rebuttal.

I'm absent minded bragging about my exceptional qualities are
intellect some inner grace a little set.
These act an out of lines hysterical good looks they define me to be.
I'm actually just a crow a raven writing on lines awake
without any hope.

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In words formatted for only reason being the laugh of the statement.