Alice In Love

I'm your Alice and you're the rabbit
Always chasing but never catching, Feels like Im falling
It's neverending
I don't wanna wake up from this dream
I'd change myself on impulse
Because I dont know anything else
This isn't a place for a girl like me
All these changes and
You're the one who
Changes me most
(Let's make a toast, would you like some more tea?)
(More? But I haven't had any!)
Down the rabbit hole
Nowhere else to go
Who am I? Who am I?
Hello Hatter, you're as mad as I am
But of course, we are in Wonderland
I wish I could stay but
I must get back
To my sister for tea,
And Dinah the cat
It really was nice to meet you all
I'm really glad I had this fall
I will miss you when I pass
See you next time
Through the looking glass

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