Alice the Angel

You left from this earth
To a much better place
U left loved ones behind
But at least you are okay

Your an amazing woman
But U spread urself thin
To help anyone
Cuz you are a true friend

Ur there when we need you
We don't have to ask twice
Do deeds outta kindness
God built u just right

Your life was just crazy
Some moments were tough
But u managed it all
And still showed us love

A routine vacation
Didn't go as planned
So many questions
All of us still have

No one could tell you
Just What not to do
You're gonna do what u want
Cuz your hard-headed too

I feel in my heart
You knew you weren't well
The sequence of events
Left you so frail

Maybe if things were different
Maybe if you had help
We all want to blame somebody
Where did we all fail

The thought that I replay
The fact that you weren't home
Missing most your loved ones
I'm sorry you passed alone.

They took you home to cali
To lay u down peacefully
You been telling us for a while
It's where you'd want to be

Although I will not make it
To be there by ur side
Although I couldn't tell you
One verry last goodbye

I'm happy that you left
You are in paradise
I know your watching over us
As we continue on with life

Your babies miss u much
But they will carry on
I've gave them each a kiss
On ur behalf cuz ur their mom

From your bathroom wall
I took a butterfly
I will forever hold it close
To always remember you by

Butterflies resemble life
A new start specifically
It's ur turn as of now
So Spread ur angel wings

Freedom from this world
Up there with who and who
Don't get comfy cuz one day
I'll be meeting up with you

I miss you and I thank u
For everything you do
I guess this is goodbye
Rest in peace and I love you

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Key Words : Rest in peace

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