Align to your divine

Do you really not know the power you bestow? Always asking which way to go. Light your candle darling, you have always known the path that leads you home, our journey of the soul as phases come and go.
Mother moon, sing to me your healing, sweet melody.
Secrets hidden beneath, Manifesting to teach, our Wholeness already complete. Blinded eyes won’t perceive the perfection already achieved.
The darkness gives us faith,
While the light gives us grace.
Remember stay your pace, life cannot be raced.
You can’t be first or last.
You can’t change the past.
Trying to heal fast? Such an unnecessary task.
Embrace the darkest truths that show to you even the dark side of the moon is healing too.
Secrets will bloom
As your light expands through.
Lady moon, I come to you.
I know just what to do.
Walking barefoot through the night, I am a vessel of divine light.
No need to fight I’ll make it home,
My spirit calls me through my journey of the unknown.

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Key Words : #Journey

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This Poems Story

Through my journey understanding the connection to ourself to the universe I felt inspired and wrote this January 2020.