Be still as glass after it is blown, when
your next step is unknown. Arise to meet the
warmth of daylight's glow, not lingering to be
enveloped by chills of darkness. Be peaceful to
perceive God is all that He is; you will awaken to
solve this mystery. Are you aware? Arouse now
observation to measure and judge your choices. Align
the spirit of your heart with the spirit of your mind.
The result will find you, with surety that something
larger than your thoughts is happening!
Change is aligning itself while transforming
the familiar to reveal the rare.
Will you stay? Remain quietly to better grasp
new noises in the air, perhaps to hear a
declaration of what is coming. Do you frighten?
Step on fear as a stone upon the ground which
blocks new pathways of your venture.
Step on fear until it makes no whispers or
sickness in your soul. Can you proceed?
Travel forward, over footprints where you
stood before, aiming not for a location
to arrive at but for harmony to be embodied
by you, so that wherever is your presence
joy will shine and be expressed...
exuded, joy can be received by another
to effortlessly feel.

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