Here's to the day that almost won
The day that I wanted nothing more than to die
As the puddles pulled at my tires
I wished for them to swallow my pain
For the speed to be enough for me to escape life
I wished for that bridge I crossed over to be my last
Tears streamed down my face
Like the rain that fell from the sky
Through each puddle I went through
I lost control of the vehicle
As I lost control of myself
That vehicle that once symbolized freedom
Now felt like a loaded gun in my hand
And the only thought that ran through my mind
I just want to die
The tears fell harder and as my vision blurred
The road became unrecognizable
I was broken, and I wished to die
So here's to that day
You have made me stronger
Here's to the car I wanted to use to end my life
You are not my coffin
To the tears that fell and blurred my vision
I see now with clear eyes
Here's to the day that almost took my life
You have lost and I am still alive

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