When these old bones ache in distress,
when my head toils and roils to no avail,
I mentally expel the whole muddled mess,
Slowly breathing, I inhale and then exhale.
When conditions prevail, I entertain the notion
to unwind and laze along a friendly ocean beach.
Cool salt spray anoints our trail with emotion.
Sounds of pounding surf, night silence breach.
Pack your woes, come with me, and revive.
The journey will not cost you one cent.
Embrace the joy of being and feeling alive
It will be a few segments of time well spent.
The darkest hours are enjoyed best,
just before daylight comes creeping,
peeping, slowly and silently over wave crest,
nudging a new day from sound sleeping.
A hint of dawn tickles waves with light;
lapping and slapping away darkness and strife.
Resonating in tune with the drone of night,
we are so totally together, in synergy with life.
Shedding shoes and socks, I let wet sand soothe me,
oozing between my toes, massaging and friendly.
A caress of fresh breath from the wide open sea
refreshes the face softly, tenuously, and tenderly.
Times like this cloak us forever in bliss. We deploy
to all, one humongous amorphous hug.
For together we survive, are alive with a joy
that no one should miss with some callous shrug.

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