Life is beautiful
And so perfectly flawed
It's a dance of mistakes and splotches of ink
Over lines and lines of scrapped writing
Life is terrifyingly amazing;
it draws you in with its tempting creation
It is desperate for wonders in the darkness:
it exploits them for their naivety
Contradictory, so lovely.
It is the sweetest honey in a bed of nettles
A voice that you feel more than you hear
Life picks away at the seams of its own carefully quilted masterpiece
It's never quite right
Never quite perfect
Some say it has no meaning
but with such grace and deliberation,
You can't help but wonder,
if you believe nonetheless
Life is cold, cruel, chaotic
It showers the sinners with praises and gifts,
The beggars with silence.
And life does not care
But you must still
Accept, breathe

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