Alive But Barely Breathing

I'm alive but I'm barley breathing
I move but I barley am free
I cry as my mind screams with envy
I'm suffocating deep inside
but yet my face is a blanket of lies

I try to convince my mind to believe I am okay
but my heart feels like the dawn of the day
I wear a black cloud everywhere I go
that rains and makes me feel low
I feel the pain running in my veins
I hear the razor screaming my name

Hello did you forget about me?
a voice whispers within my dreams
It's the dark within your soul
It's the place you call home
It's the black shadow that over takes your life
without me you won't feel right
It's the scars that cover your innocent skin
It's the pain that drowns you slowly within

I'm breathing but I'm not alive
slowly inside I have died
as I lay with a bottle of pills I do not cry
I pray to God to forgive my sin
because I let the darkness win

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