Alive in the Moonlight

I stand at the edge of the shore,
Staring out over the water;
The moonlight sways on the surface,
Whirling in a beautiful dance.
The waves roll over the golden sand,
Whispering around my ankles
Before retreating into the sea--
The sea of crystal diamonds.
The waves murmur a stirring music,
Drawing me closer in a trance,
Until I find myself submerged
With the surface above my head.
The water wraps itself around me,
A blanket of comforting darkness;
I'd like to stay, but my lungs are throbbing
Since the my last breath of air has left my lips.
I press my soles into the sand,
Time seeming to stand still
As I rise upward through the water,
Into the mist hovering over the sea.
But gravity seems to have lost its pull
For I'm floating higher towards the stars;
My eyes reflect the light of the moon,
Like the sea of crystal diamonds.

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