All A Child Needs

Pens, pencils, paper and books all kids need today is a catchy hook

Get rich and famous - shoot for the stars

When in reality the sky is much too far

Do you ever wonder why some kids are trouble makers?

Just take a look at their creators

Parents who can’t provide, out here just trying to stay alive

It is hard to mirror a life you’ve never had so how do we expect these kids to not be bad?

Drugs, alcohol and sex what else do you expect?

They do as they see and then come to school talking about sippin’ on lean

Do they even know that that means?

They need role models – teachers if you will

Because one day they are going to slip up and then it will be real

It’s an on-going cycle so I challenge you to break it

It will be worth it the day you see them make it

Pens, pencils, paper and books all a kid needs is someone who cares

Screw a catchy hook

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