All About Me

All about Me
I am a shy type, I won't speak unless
It is an habitude.I cry when I feel
Alone and laugh when everything
Seems black just to make the day
Brighter. I might seem far away
Where you could not even see me
But actually I am near you.

I might not be your best friends
Or your best friend friend’s
Or even your family, but it
Does not take any kind of this
Relationship to love you as my
Family. You may not know that
When I see you, I see me
Which makes me sad when you
Are sad, happy when you’re happy.

I might have a lot of things in me
That does not please you,
I am sorry I was not aware of it.
One more thing, there are few things
That could change and things
That could never change at all.
Because it is in my nature.
I would like to let you know that
This one word “ sorry” would be
My lifetime company all alone

I used it, when I do things wrong
And to make peace with you when I am
Wrong. When I say it I mean it.
I did not say sorry just because it
Is an obligation, but I say it because my
Heart will burst if I don’t say it.
Sorry if you catch me looking at you
Consistently, please don’t feel burden
It just a way to express my appreciation
It might sound weird right!

Don’t be surprised I know that feeling.
I am not good at words, yet I use it
To express myself just as writing my feelings.
Once I start written my feeling down,
It becomes more difficult to stop.
Since the day I started to love you,
It was already difficult to stop loving you.
You might wonder who I am talking to,
There is no one else I am talking to but you.


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