All About That Song

The protests for injustice didn't start with Kaepernick
Sit back and follow this little history limerick
In Nineteen Sixty Eight, Smith and Carlos
Won Gold and Bronze in a race
Raised their fists to the sky when it played
In Nineteen Ninety-Two, Matthew & Collett
Followed through
Won Bronze and Gold too
Turned their backs on the song
Got banned their whole life through
In Ninety-five and Ninety-six
Abdul-Rauf refused to stand
Cost him $30,000 bands
Then Twenty sixteen comes along Kaepernick
People yelling disrespect
Not giving a damn his reason
Not giving a damn what they're actually seeing
But he remained firm to a belief he held dear
Even when everything was stripped clear
His name smeared, he stood
Because heroes believe in something
Even if it means ending up with nothing

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