All About Tonight

The carcass of today's prowl,
The blotted ink that seeps through.
Yet, you preach it as HOPE!
What if the ink blots the whole page, Darling?
What if tonight preceeds no tomorrow?

You embellish the Orion of the Winter, the Sagittarius of Autumn.
I tell you they're hunters, smirch on the black beauty!
You wander through the marine in your dreams.
I tell you they're hunters, random colour strokes on the blue.
You embellish the birth of a child,
And I, tell you; they're hunters!

Let not the beauty fool you, love.
For they're all predators;
Balancing on the weights of Probability.
Enough have you praised,
Enough have you composed beauty's ballad.
Forgo the ode to lust, and start afresh.
Hear the Nocturnes, Hear the trill's!
Painful, violent yet, truth!
Don't praise what your ancestors praised,
Succeed the body, not the soul.

Let not your eyes guide you, love.
For they see what they're meant to,
Guided, by the curse of rearing.
Believe not the past, not the proclaimed God,
For the past foretells the victorious, the strong.
For once, fathom that God is Lucifer and Lucifer, God.
And, feel the world more comprehensible!
For once, consider humans as fools,
And, feel your actions more comprehensible!
For once enjoy not, the symmetry, the testament, that defines beauty.
And, feel yourself, more beautiful!

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