All about you

Today you will be the greatest of the great I guarantee you some people will hate but don't let that hurt you just renavagate and escape.

Escape from all the hate that pulls you back into hell's gate. Escape from what they want you to you be instead what god created something extraordinary and great, escape from that life so you can control your own fate, Escape to a bigger you, you know that no one can ever erase.

Escape for the better don't just get in your own way, escape for the dreams that make your heart really race. Chase that dream it don't let it escape and one day you'll see god created each and everyone of us to be something bigger and better one day.

So keep your head up high and don't be surprised to see the people look down on you even when you feel you got this, this time.

Not everyone can be you and go through what you been through in this life, all they can see is you trying to pull through to be where you want to be with a fight. So dont be afraid, and don't shed a tear cause as long as you believe in yourself trust me that's there biggest fear.

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Its all about not giving even with all the negative in the background