All Alone!

All Alone!

Hypersensitivity, the demon that plagues me day and night.

Every word that is said or lack thereof,

helps in putting out my light.

I see it all. I feel it all. I process it all. No outlet to plug in, and no one to call.

With no direct explanation I’m left to my own interpretation.

I try not to speak in fear of being trapped in total isolation.

Deep down inside I am reacting, but I dear not show.

For how do you love someone when you’re loving alone?

The feeling of loneliness most times overwhelms me.

Craving for attention, I rely on past memories to satisfy me.

The urges moves through me like a rush of mighty wind.

But I bury them in the dark, only to cry out in fear when realizing that my my light is almost dimmed.

Tears flowing down my cheeks like the rivers in Danvers Pen.

But I’m determined to carry the load that I’ve started way back when.

When the vows were made before God

And man and determination had the upper hand.

When my smiles were grand and the pain of neglect was never a part of the plan.

Determined to find an answer to the question that my heart now calls home.

Loving alone!

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