All Came Crashing Down

I remember once
when I was drunk
flicking the ash off my cigarette
into my best friend's fire pit
so her parents wouldn't know,
I realized that the cold couldn't
seep into my bones
the way your hands could
the way every word you said
hit me like a ton of bricks and, sadly
took a piece of me away every time
until there was nothing left.
19 days sober thrown away
in two bottles of wine.
And I'll read this tomorrow
and regret it all
but I can't help but think
how much this bliss tastes like your mouth.
I can't stop thinking
about the way your fingertips traced the outlines of my skin
and how your mouth always seemed to find mine
in the dark.
And I miss you more and more
with each and every puff of smoke,
melting away like it was never there.

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