All Consuming Silence

The silence consumes me
A worm within my fleshy core
Although not a wriggle
Or vibration it makes
I am hollow, a resonating space
Auditorium to learning with you
But the speaker is silent

The poet will not come clean
Of all he holds inside
Bottled, jarred or stored on closet shelf
The ship only gathers dust
An ever ready nostalgic trip to sail
If he can bear to look through the glass
So where should it be stored, in case?
In case those flags be raised again
To the wind carrying a repressed melody

The future far we cannot taste,
The future near you would not want to
Any further condition do not catch
The next bite could be poison
But heed well lessons learned
For from life you cannot hide, else you sit
With I, nothing left to all consuming silence

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This Poems Story

"All Consuming Silence" was penned during my travels overseas and away from home. The words come from that place inside of all of us that longs for a human connection, for someone to hear us out, listen to what we are really saying and feeling. It is about heartache and heartbreak but ultimately it's about putting yourself on the line, vulnerable again, after it all, to not give up on the future because isolation is all consuming silence.