All Cosmos I want Cosmo

You are the one where I live,
Twinkling of stars, shining of the moon,
Disappearance of those galaxy & messier objects,
Falling of meteoroids and tall of comet,
All cosmos I want cosmos..

It took 13.8 billion for your formation,
From the baby doll to a giant monster,
Some says big bang and some loop quantum gravity,
Some steady stead and some…..
All cosmos I want cosmos..

From earliest human kind to present,
We all want to understand your mechanism,
Your every behaviour & incident perplex us,
Gamma ray burst, supernovae, expansion and contraction,
All cosmos I want cosmos..

Back to 4.5 billion, you formed a beautiful planet,
To sustain life and cheer up your creation,
Insects, reptile, animals and planets all are your children,
You create us and today we are destroying you,
All cosmos I want cosmos

Your expansion is our depression in mystery,
Isaac, einstein, plank and hubble fail to explain,
Quantum, relativity step back to unlock,
Invisible energy, indivisible matter is just an excuse,
All cosmos I want cosmos..

I think my life would live long,
Watching your silly activities, Unlocking your mystery,
Want to have ride to your creation,
Warm hole, black hole, multiverse…
All cosmos I want cosmos..

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