All Figured Out

I didn't need you to learn how to talk,
I didn't need you to learn how to walk.
Did I need you to hold my hand?
Did I need you to help me stand?
No, I didn't need you then and I don't need you now,
Do me a favor, don't ever come back around.
You might think I'm being rude, but that's how my mother raised me,
She taught me to hold my head up high, and walk around bravely.
You say I was too young to understand,
Or maybe you were just to dumb to be a man.
I really don't want you to be here,
Because I know you and my money will, some how, disappear.
You really can't take a hint,
You could die without my consent.
I could be lying, none of this could be true,
But don't you get the point, I don't need you!
Now see what you did, I didn't want to shout,
But look around I got it all figured out.
So you can keep yelling all that stuff, on your way out,
I did it by myself, without a doubt.
While you frown and hate me from afar,
I will rise and become a superstar.
Now I've done some stuff I can't erase,
But here's the best, a door in your face.

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