All For You

Emotionally I abused you,
Physically I used you.
What hurts the most is it's what I chose to.
With everything that I put you through,
You deserve the happy picture I drew.
I'm sorry you didn't have a clue,
Of what I meant to do.
What I did was so cruel,
I drove you crazy and didn't run out of fuel.
But to my surprise your fought back like it was a duel.
And now I'm playing by your rule.
You're not just a diamond in the rough but a precious jewel.
I filled you with lies but now for a change here's something true.
I wanted us to last like a tattoo,
But our touch up is long over due.
Even in your absence my feelings still grew.
I'm falling apart and I need your glue.
I can only hope your feeling come back like déjà vu.

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