All Have Healed

By Jati   

I slept listening to the lullaby of my mother
Unaware, pulled a face, it will be unheard any more…...I have grown
Habits die hard; my craving enlisted to that fan club
When slept to the tune of voices closed in discs and pen drives; I grab

Mama dear was nowhere near for that pat
Turned on backs and took sides looking for that squat
humming that carried away my load, stealing me under her pallu
She hide me, nibbled my ear, forgetting the demons I in her secure.

Grew in ages, not in Neolithic or monolithic but to the likes of Oak tree
Flapping my wings like that of black bee at that age, I was in my lee
All the while in looking for that open window
Found hemmed by wedges, I on edge circled around below.

Flowering in aroma, it bloomed and petals fell the day other
Winding its way cast spell wide and far
many buzzed around, me flew that length
The flower I picked, pricked me little in depth.

Like that thorn swelling fever, I slept draped in her raving fervour
gave me a coat of sandalwood as I burnt in her fire of ardour
That oozing blood I had sucked, tucked me in to her deepest corner
I lay there stinging time to time like phlebotomist drawing blood to assure.

Growing to the upper reaches, as the Oak tree in Sun drench
I, attained and spending days after days under that shower
Like the roots going deeper and deeper
Me rooting for her love and care.

So engaged to each other and the family we bear
None of us recall what dreams we sold each other
Neither the hills, nor the beaches, in many of their resorts
Gives us those in their cache, so we are lost in our own lust….ice cream and pickle

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