All I Have to Offer

There is not much of me,
I should have put more of me into the act of living,
but the loss would have been too great
to bear.
I am shut tight, bolt and lock
there are reasons for words like dying,
For example.
They were born in the belly of
a woman, at the birth of the world
I bleed in sympathy,
for I too am always losing myself in parts, and giving others away
Take my hand, my breathe
my teeth, my breast
All I have to offer, a meager sum of a human life.
I breathe and I breathe and I breathe
and for the air I consume- I grieve
Through locked jaw I speak
with the ferocity of one aquainted with devils
I know the truths that were previously masked.
There is nothing so smooth it cannot be scratched,
Nothing so innocent it cannot be marred,
Nothing so precious it is exempt from death.
Here is all I have to offer
A body, a life, a poem.

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