All I Have

I open the door and in the darkness
I see you in the bed,
Like I have so many times before.
You look at me, your eyes sparkling with sensuality,
An inviting smile upon your lips.
Your arms are open wide and beckoning
For me to come find comfort in their warmth.
I undress and crawl into the bed, reaching out for you
But all I find are pillows.

I lie in the darkness trying to sleep,
But I am restless
With the memories of you.
This bed is too big and I am alone.
I lay the pillows next to me, as if you were there.
Maybe now I can sleep.
I need you. Here. Now.
But all I have are pillows.

I drift off into a fitful sleep
I hear your voice calling out to me.
I see your eyes and can taste your lips.
I reach out to touch your face –
But the image shatters!
Once again, I am awake.
Cold. Alone. In pain.
And all I have are Pillows.

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