All I Wanted

All I wanted was listen to underrated songs
Be stubborn and never learn from my wrongs
Run around in my torn ten bucks sneakers
Fall asleep on East Coast's waterbreakers.

All I wanted was to wait for trains to appear
And actually take control of the things I fear
Drink milk tea in the day and vodka at night
Be a damn queen and also her own knight.

All I wanted was to look out bus windows
Wonder how the strangers hide their sorrows
Use my kindness or deceit to leave impacts
Then spin around on abandoned tracks.

All I wanted was to bask in the sun's heat
Share all my secrets in poetry so discreet
To not wince in pain at the tattoo parlour
And ignore every call from my grandmother.

All I wanted was to make magic with words
Walk behind society and its brain dead herds
Observe the world from the back of my shelf
See how much harm I could cause myself.

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Well this is me in a nutshell