All In Stride

There are days when I feel the world on my shoulders
As if there were someone piling on the boulders

Then days like today I somehow open my eyes
It could be so much worst I come to realize

From sun up to sun down I am nowhere near
All the bad things I had truly only come to fear

If I were a homeless infant or small child
Well then all my woes are only so mild

The stress of life and change is all around
Beauty beneath for most still left to be found

Blessed are we the ones with tears and cries
For there are far worst seeing lows and byes

If I could only keep this each day in my head
Finding positive out of negative instead

I'd be the epitomy of all things great
Never waking with dread or hate

I just want to feel console in a world so sublime
And find better ways to be thankful for my time

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    This Poems Story

    There's so much negativity that the world feeds us on a daily basis. It's just finally great to not believe that the world only consists of just that.