All In

By Reverie   

Such sweet dedication
Little time to reminisce
This time we're going all in
Victory is what we call pure bliss.

The moment of the battle
Has undoubtedly arrived.
The meaning of the fight
Is yet to be derived.

All we know is that
This is for the common good.
Of humanity's existence,
To be as it should.

As we line up, getting ready
For the battle of our lives,
Our hope is being rekindled
Once again, as here we dive.

Into full out pandemonium,
Lasers shooting to and fro
Airblades whizzing by our heads,
Aiming for the foe.

It may cause confusion at first,
But we're all in, so surge forth.
To the main goal and target,
There'll be no diversion to our course.

Step once forward,
To the side.
Dodge real fast,
They won't subside.

Surge forth once more,
Saber at the ready,
Do this as fast as you can,
For the good of humanity.

Stay by your squad, and fight as one
Never leave their side.
For the Scimitars prey on loners
So be fierce, never be shy.

In the battle, we're all in
It cannot be helped.
Keep going until their forfeit
Til their rampage is dead.

No, we really do not mean
To kill these alien beings.
They surely are living things,
We respect what they are and mean.

But we simply cannot afford
To stand by and just watch,
As our fellow humans are forced
Into labor, killed and caught.

We're in this cause, in this battle,
We are going all in.
The Regiment cannot stand by,
So we'll fight it and we'll win.

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This Poems Story

Another Regiment poem, declaring the cause for their fight. Humanity is being preyed upon by the fearsome aliens known as Scimitars. The Regiment is known for their action, not their vigilance