All I’ve ever wanted to do in my life is be happy and live one I will remember

All I've ever wanted to do with my life is live one I would remember and be happy as I can be,
lately I remember nothing,
everything is hazy
and the sadness blurs everything with its tears
all I remember is sadness,
time is passing so fast yet the end of this seems so far away.
Time has become truly a illusion
for I can't remember how long ago it was I didn't feel like this.
everyday comes and goes like you.
I put so much hope into the future only to be disappointed in the result.
Be hopeful to get you're dreams crushed or give up on hope and feel everyday,
expect the sadness and sleepless nights, when sleep was your escape has turned into something can be worse then reality, expect to dream of your worst nightmare only waking up to another You can't wake up from,
the only one that you can change,
you wish it would just end,
everything you wish would just end with no breaks or escape it seems like the only option.
Just wait it through you tell yourself,
it will get better look at mom and dad they're happy,
with hope in your mind you turn on the tv to see even the people who have it all can not beat the battle,
taken by their own hand,
hope flushes down the drain and you think
if they can't beat it how can you?

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