All Life’s Matter

At the root, humans and trees
are both Seeds, fallen from infinity.

Planted in darkness,
By the eternal gardener Of divinity.

We grow with water and love,
From the sunlight above.

Both have a mother,
That’s in the nature of.

Although each one, beautifully unique;
In shape, in size and in colors.

Every single leaf and human being,
Is merely a reflection of others.

To be sensible to God’s love,
You must also be fully aware,

Of the darkness that’s there,
In those lost in despair.

But evil is not the opposite of love, Rather just, a lack there of.

So when you see a flower whither,
Or a stranger’s sour whimper,

Water them with love & affection;
See how you change their complexion.

The opposite of death is birth.
Life is eternal, it has no opposition.

When we die on earth,
We first return to the constellations.

To a nebula inferno,
Only to return as a Stella nova.

We’re are all connected,
Through one infinite soul.

What this world needs to affect it;
Is that we each let our’s glow.

Everyday we’re given second chances, To spread love from divine branches.

So, many seeds I’ve planted,
Seldom see, what May bloom.

For fear is a disease,
Of which minds are easily consumed.

But a fact that the greatest,
Of all space ~ time had to conclude;

The universe is made of LOVE.
& the rest are confused.

It’s in the whispering wind,
& gut feelings within.

In every bird that sings,
Every herb this earth brings.

Inside you and I, and every tree,
Behind all your nebula eyes‘ll ever see;

Lies a blissfully, loving Light, so pure.
A starburst and spirit born.

It is what all things in the universe
are made of, in their truest form.


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