All Lovers Come and Go

All Lovers come and go
Just like the breeze and the wind
Yet I always remained alone
Until your life came in

Laughing and having fun
Is how we started off as friends
Your smile as bright as the sun
And our personalities began to blend

No matter what happened
You always got me flowers
But then life started to sadden
At the final hour

The smiles started fading
Then the flowers disappeared
And the emptiness began creating
Then started the thing I most feared

The conversations ended
And we parted our separate ways
Then things were extended
Like you no longer in my days

Our connection was broken
With shards scattered throughout
I finally know what is heartbroken
And you were not mine, no doubt

Tears overflowing
No smile insight
My emotions no longer easy going
I'm in the darkness searching for light

Until you appeared
A nervous look upon your face
Your voice you cleared
And said, "I want to fill in the empty space."

A smile broke out
As I replied yes
And our relationship resprout
Then I felt so blessed

And as you all know
The lovers come and go
But yet he decided to stay.

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