All My Heart


                        All My Heart

I love you with my heart and soul;
With you, by your side, I promise to grow old.
With every moment apart from each other, I pray your soul be kept, and your life The Lord will cover.
I love you with every beat of my heart, with every day thats finished and everyday to start.

A life long love to be here daily for you, every decision, every good and bad, I will be here for you.
You and your love are so precious to me, I know with you is where I'm to permanently be.

I love you, I can say a million or even a trillion times. It's exciting to feel, I'm forever yours in this heart of mine.
Flesh of flesh, bone of bone; I am of you, with you and about you, until of this earth I am gone.

There is nothing and no one in this world that could take your place. Being without you, life is a waste!
See, love in my heart for you is beyond me; beyond my thoughts and my actions; The Lord provides it freely.
So again I say with every inch, every emotion, every part of myself. I love you here and now, forever til death!

Tiffani SantiagoVidal

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