All of Me Pt. 2

How dare you change your mind and
stop loving me when i gave you everything.
How dare you smile and laugh with her,
while i am left with the pain.
How dare you comment that i am the one to blame
when you cheated, lied, and played your mind games.
It hurts yo breathe sometimes, yet i take pride
in the fact that each breath i take proves i can live without you.
i'm taking back my feelings because the saddest thing is
loving someone who used to love you.
I swear honey i don't miss you, I miss who I thought you were
kind, beautiful and worthy of my heart.
High off of love once, now in a downward spiral
yet i am grateful we were once connected.
Crazy some may say but I like the way it hurts,
you have taught me the hardest lesson of love,
it coldly ends but the fire is worth the pain.

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