All Roads

Enter the Masquerade, a fanfare of grandeur.
Dance with the Devil, smile as he watches.
Draw their attention, make them all envy you.
Adjust your mask, laugh like a Festival.
Flirt with the Demon, and play him against his will.
He owns your soul, but you grip his heart.

Places, places, all in their places.
Stand in the crowd, but never be one of them.
Midnight comes, and so does the madness.
Blood in the gutter, vermin worship the poison.
Pull the Demon close, as you pretend not to notice.
Shadows loom, and in them the Fire.
Fueled by souls damned by desire.

Garish smiles wither around you, feel his hands burning and branding.
Played with the razor, but now it plays with you.
A lifetime of sins, for an eternity of agony.
Tell me please, how was it worth it?
Stand by the Demon, know you belong to him.
Adjust your mask, and smile at his lust for you.
Welcome to the Masquerade, you won't enjoy your stay.

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