All Roads Lead to You

The beginning of life:
waking up to breakfast, the zoo, birthday parties,
and Christmas trees.
No worries, no cares, no stress, just free.
You blink and in an instant the beginning is over,
you feel something heavy?
That's the world on your shoulders.
No parents, no siblings, you're all alone.
Can't worry about the past or the future
because your present's still unknown.
The life by yourself isn't the one you've hoped for,
every street you crossed there was a closed door.
And every time you fell every wound
didn't mend, every friend that you made
wasn't really your friend.
Then God showed you the key you've been
looking for all the while,
because even though you were living for self
you were still his child.
And with it all you realized that
there are roads with doors you
could have gone to, but all of them
have a beginning, all roads lead to you!
Finally you open the door to your future
and expand on making it something, even though
you still aren't sure who you are
you love who you are becoming.

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