All She Has Is Love

She walks in truth
never doubting the one she's next to.
Care is what she bleeds when that guy steps all over her,
not seeing what she needs.
In many times of sorrow or pain,
she's that comfort to heart.
In the eyes of others she seems foolish,
when she gives patience and devotion to heal another heart.
No monetary or social gain,
could change her passion for the wellness of him.
So she continues to be patient and wait,
wait patiently on him.
Time is ticking and yet she still is loyal,
to all the pain and sorrow she continues to comfort.
Being alone is beginning to become misery but,
she can't move because she is scared of being unseen.
Now that really confuses her peers when he continues to add on fear.
Fortunately now time is up and through her patience he has changed.
Oh it wasn't for her being loyal no way would they have made it
through all her nights of sorrow and pain.

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