all she wanted was a family

All she wanted was a family

Names names
Slut fat, bitch, trash
The girl runs away
And takes a razor blade
And slices her stomach
Remembering how much she is hated by everyone
Even her own parents
She reaches over the toilet
And forces herself to purge
Hoping to become thin
Maybe then she will be loved
At school all she does is smile
She cuts slices more
Crying in pain
As the blood rushes out flowing on the floor
People always call her stupid emotional girl
Supposed friends laugh in her face
But they don’t know what it is like at home
Her dad rapes her every night, he pimps her out to other men to make cash
Her mom has anger issues and the dog was killed by dad from his rage
Why can’t anyone see? The grin is a lie just to survive.
Her life is done, her life slowly drips away
Blood flows to the floor, as she lays on the floor crying. She can’t eat because she will, gain
Is she gain her parents call her more names
She wishes she were never adopted
She wishes she could be the perfect daughter. This isn’t fair.
She says she hear her friends talking about her stupidity or quietness.
She tries to talk more. Her heart has been crushed.
But she has never said a word. Her words were always expressions
She takes a rope and hangs herself in front of the moon
She no longer has a pulse
Her mom falls to the ground when she hears she is dead
Her dad smiles and rejoices
Her friends walk away and her dead dog just watches in the grave.
She is gone finally.
Just because of people and their hatred.
She is buried on a Thursday
People laugh and rejoice some cry
All because that one girl had feelings
So before emotional tormenting someone on their body
Or rather than raping them every day or pimpin them out to strangers
Take a moment to recognize the innocence and preciousness in a child.
So before judging someone on their weight or their clothes
Their laugh their talk their hair or their nose
Just take a moment to realize and see
Everyone is not always who they seem to be.

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