All That Matters

The only thing we have is Faith. All is lost yet we remain in
Loving arms until the end. There's nothing else so we
depend on mercy and grace, His gifts to us.
Although we fall, He lifts us up.

Our trust in Him is strong and truly Love will win.
I say that surely all good seed will prosper when the devil's
hate for all good men is gone for good, cast out and abolished.
Our eyes will see true light; astonished.

The fight is hard, for nothing's easy. the devil's tricks
can make us dizzy. But knowing that the book's been
written brings to us a calm submission that with God's grace
we cannot fear. All we have to do is hear His word repeated
once again. Jesus is here to save the men who picked
their God so long ago. Now He's getting ready to show
His wondrous miracles and signs again,
to all of His great chosen men.

So when we stop and doubt tomorrow,
or dwell on our past pain and sorrow,
"All that really matters is, we all belong to Him, we're His."

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