All the Days, All the Ways

I wish I may,
I wish I might,
Change the shame I’ve done in life.

My heart remains a hollow hole
The blame burns deep within my soul

I live each day with these regrets
Remembering the things I can’t forget

All the things I should’ve said
They now must stay inside my head

How many times must I fall
Before I learn to be strong

Why must the pain last so long?
Forever singing this bittersweet song

Why can’t I allow my heart to trust
Something that I love so much

I cry and scream, push and shove
Dying just to feel that love

The love that makes me feel so whole
It’s buried deep inside my soul

Every time I take a blow
I lay the scars upon my soul

All my words start to flow
Now they’re pouring from my soul

The words I’ve tried to say so loud
No longer silent
I scream them out

Seems so long I’ve felt so low
But now my heart begins to glow

For no longer I stow away
The hurt I felt all the days

I had to go and forgive
My heart and soul for turning grim

My eyes and heart are shining bright
For I have learned to fight the fight

The fight that healed my heart and soul
My fight has taught me to be bold

A heart once cold
Now made of gold
Now my story will be told

My heart and soul now are free
I’ve learned to love the true me

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